Ecodensity Solutions

We leverage the best to create eco friendly communities.


EcoDensity Solutions specializes in boutique real estate projects in South-West British Columbia, Canada. We have a knack for acquiring under-utilized property and creating a vision for the highest and best use of the property for the community.

 We add value to real estate by finding smart ways to densify properties, ensure they fit with the fabric of communities, encourage exceptional architecture, foster smart design and innovative construction methods.

Our Services

  • Land Acquisition, Assembly, Subdivision and Rezoning
    • We’ve been involved in numerous projects in the Vancouver area that included land assembly, subdivision and rezoning.
  • Capital Fund Raising
    • We have a large base of investors who welcome new opportunities in which to invest. All of our investors are considered accredited investors with a passion for real estate.
  • Development
    • We have strong relationships with many local builders and developers and we’re always looking for opportunities to develop or co-develop great multi-unit communities.
  • Marketing and Sales
    • We have access to some of the most experienced marketing minds in Vancouver to ensure success. Every aspect of the marketing and sales process is covered.
  • Project Management
    • We are experts on keeping our projects on time and on budget. We also know how to hire the right people to get the job done.

Our Team

  • Kyle Horwood

    In 2017, after spending more than 15 years in the energy industry, Kyle took his project management skills and moved to Vancouver Island. Since then, he’s been involved in property development projects in the mid-island region.

    Kyle is Ecodensity’s eyes and ears on the ground and is committed to the highest quality product. Kyle is proud of his projects and is dedicated to building homes that people love, while also complementing the environment and improving the community.

  • Mike Wenzlaff

    Mike Wenzlaff is an avid real estate investor and 20-year energy industry expert. He is also the President of Wenzlaff Holdings Ltd which specializes in co-financing real estate projects in British Columbia. For EcoDensity Solutions projects, Mike brings expertise in property acquisition, project setup, financing, investor acquisition and bringing unique creative thinking to making real projects livable, desirable and energy efficient.

  • David Reimers

    David brings a wealth of experience in real estate marketing and sales. He has been immersed in the real estate industry for the last 17 years and has personally sold over a quarter of a billion dollars of real estate. He has been a member of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Medallion club for the last 11 years and consistently ranks among the top 3% of real estate agents in Canada. Prior to real estate, David spent 9 years in the marketing and advertising industry “learning the ropes”.